Thursday, August 28, 2003

Chapter 5

1. My Story, Your Song

I like new things, inventions, innovations ... but on the other hand, I dislike changes. I do not hate changes to the core but just dislike having to adapt to changes. Maybe it is because I am lazy in nature. I notices many minor changes to my life. There are lesser potlucks, mahjong sessions ... and more PS2. Also, I am reading less books and more magazines. Hmmm, seemed like I have quite a bit of books from my fav authors to catch up on. Why am I saying all this? I actually don't know, just feel like it I guess. There are times when one feels like doing something for no particular reasons. OK, what I did the last 2 days:

Wed - I played basketball in the afternoon as usual, my regular wed program. After all these years, my fav sport is still basketball, really keeps my old bones going. In the night time, by the ron ron, zhuzhu and me went to Clayton for dinner. We went to this cafe serving chinese, malay and thai food. The food was not too bad and there was discount for students too. Me and zhuzhu reached home to find what the had messed up the whole place, so we spent the rest of the wee hours cleaning and washing.

Thu - I went to Dimia early morn to handle my visa issue and came home in the late noon. Then later at night, me, zhuzhu, hum yu and by the ron ron went to ABC cafe to makan. I overeat again, silly me. Back to the days when me, zhuzhu and CH used to go out to eat, always order a lot and then overeat. We went to watch 'Finding Nemo' with CHar, CH and Allan. The movie was great. I liked the graphics, but the storyline could have been better. The filming style and cinemathography were traditional but good. I would have expected PIXAR to be more creative in those areas though. I thought the company did a great job by creating 'Monster Inc'. Despite the fact that theoretically, the cons slightly outweighed the pros, I still think the movie is great overall. The most credits go to the animation and the fact that the movie is simple. Nothing is ever simple in today's time, thats why I appreciate the simplicity.

The pack of us went to Maccas to chill out after the movie. The last couple of days, I had been trying to get the top ten questions answered, so I have been tactfully trying to get the involved parties to make some comments. I continued to take on the task at Maccas. Thereafter, I am home again to write my blog. It seemed that I begin to have FANs for my works. Honestly, I hope that this blog thingy don't turn into an obligation, I write because I love writing.

2. Fair or Unfair

Today, I had an appointment at Dimia and I had to wait for 3 hours after my appointment time to get to see a visa officer. Guess what, a friend of mine with no appointment got to see a officer in about 15 mins. I bet half the people behind her in the queue for a number to consult a visa officer had appointments. Whats the point of making appointments if I am gonna need to queue with the masses, and depending on my luck, get to achieve my purpose without a long wait. A similiar incident happened recently at LIMORs the restaurant. Stupid system.

3. Top Ten List

Some better replies I have heard:

10. Cannot, I shy lah.
09. I got some things to do. (Things is usually undefined - What things? Some things lah ....)
08. My mother say 'No'.
07. No money.
06. Do you mind?
05. I don't like (usually with no reasons)
04. Tired, wanna sleep.
03. {tell achieve nothing story - e.g. Q:Wanna go dinner? A:my auntie cook very good curry.}
02. Against my religion.
01. So?

4. Big Cuttlefish


I could feel my heart pumping rapidly, faster than the pistons in the engine of the car I was in. I could not make out if it was the speed or merely the pressence of being beside Mike that caused my cardio-overworked. He looked so suave, confident and in control of the vehicle, his precious Dorge Viper. I hate to spoil the beautiful picture but in searching for something to say to strike some sort of conversation, I said the impossible:" Erhm, .. Mike, you are driving 20 miles over the speed limit ...". His reply brought a smile to my face:" Yah, I am so sorry, I am just being cautious today cos you're here". How I wished the drive would last forever, but 'nothing last forever' my granddad always retort. I was soon on my doorstep waving goodbye to him. I would have to tell my dad about Mike soon. I could keep nothing from my dad, whenever I met a new guy, he was the first to know. I felt high-spirited; smiling down at the 'WELCOME' mat I turned the doorknob to enter ... argghhhhhhhhhh ...

5. Words of Wisdom

Someone once gave me a pass-it-on card with this message, I have shared the message with many and I want to share it with more:

"Trouble is a part of your life, and if you don't share it, you don't give the person who loves you a chance to love you enough."

I hope you can feel the love in this message - God Bless!

Monday, August 25, 2003

Chapter 4

1. My Story, Your Song

Ok, now it doesn't feel like I was just writing my last blog. I didn't get to write because I was busy and exhausted the last couple of days, 4 days in fact. I had lots on my mind; made mental notes of what I wanted to write. The problem with making mental notes is that as I grow older, my memory capacity moves exponentially towards that of a fish (4 sec). Adding on to that, I don't feel like writing all the technical details of my last 4 days out, so I will just extract some bolts and nuts for today's chapter.

Thurs - Another day of tiresome endless shopping to prepare for Monash Multicutural Night (MMN) coming Sat. Evening, when the suggestion of watching a movie came up, I wasn't particularly keen about it since the few days before, I fell asleep trying to either watch TV or VCDs. However, I wanted to watch 'Finding Nemo', so I supported the idea of a movie. By the way, I was the idiot who suggested something I didn't feel like doing - paying to go to a big dark room to sit for a min. of an hour staring at a big screen and try to hold back the urine towards the end of it during the crucial moments. Unfortunately, 'Finding Nemo' had not found its way to the sea-ne-ma yet, so me, zhuzhu and CHar went for the 'Italian Job'.

Now, whoever still don't understand what I had written on the previous para please scroll back and have another read. In the exceptional case that you still don't comprehend after 100 reads, try banging your head against the nearest wall, thus getting a concussion. Then, your biggest worry will be getting out of the concussion and not trying to waste your time understanding something not crucial or life-threatening to you.


Darn, I lost my train of thoughts trying to write all those craps, oh ok, the Italian Job, my comments are:

The main male actor got a shiny nose, his name is Mark Welberg or something. I find that he looks weird and his nose is so round and shiny. Also, his biceps look out of shape and place at times, quoting from Hum Yu (2003), 'he's so gay'. Anyway, he did a good job filling in the role, just like the whole movie, surprisingly entertaining. Now the title of the movie - 'The Italian Job', why the hack did the filmmakers named it Italian Job? I can give 10 excellently superbly superman reasons why the title was and is still dumber than 'Dumb and Dumber':

1. The team members that did the original job are all Americans.
2. The job was in Venice, so the title should be 'The Venice Job'.
3. If one argues that Venice is in Italy, then the title should be called 'The Italy Job' and not 'Italian', see pt 1 for the reason.
4. The focus was on the mini-coopers and not the job.
5. The main actor has a shiny nose, Italians hate that.
6. The loot of the job was goldbars with the Lady Venice imprinted on it, so 'The Lady Venice Job' sounds better.
7. There were so many (countless) flaws in the job, 'The Full of Flaws Job' would do the film more credit.
8. 'Dumb and dumber' makes sense, 'The Italian Job' don't, should be 'The Italians' Job', see pt 1 for the reason.
9. An Italian job means that a certain job has the trademark of an Italian or is Italian-made, now the original job shouts of American-style, none of the mafia roughness method of 'Godfather' Italians.
10. If you are still looking for a tenth reason after the super nines I had given, you're dumber than 'The Italian Job', the title, not the movie itself.

Other misc comments are:

1. The main actress is gorgeous but why must she choose the guy with the shiny nose?
2. The raw roar of a modified engine certainly sounds good.
3. Why must all computer wiz be nerdy-looking?
4. Handsome Rob is not as handsome as me.
5. For those who have watched the show, what if the truck did not follow the que of the traffic lights? Then their whole plan would be ******.
6. Again for those who've seen, cable company guys will actually ask the owner to reset most equipments and check the street's or sub-station's cable box before sending someone down, Telstra will actually ask you to do everything yourself short of those that they can bill you for.
7. Venice is nice, VEry NICE.
8. 71% of earth's surface is water, 71% of human body is water, creepy, is earth part of a greater body? If so, I will be one cell of the brain, zhuzhu will be the brain fluid close to me ... oops ... getting too goosebumpily for some ... by the ron ron will be the mouth (talk talk talk talk suan suan suan suan) .... Hum Yu will be the smell (I shall not waste my effort filling this part in), CH aka Hum Zai will be the cranium (tribute, restecpa), CHar will be ... ? ... still stupid ....hahahhahah ..........ok ... CHar can be the rectum, all the arty farty comes from there.

Fri - Another day of visiting Chaddy, sianz, for the seek of MMN. I had my haircut though, at chaddy, since I don't wanna go too far for it. I hate the haircut, not what I imagined, but then I was never satisfied whenever I pay for a haircut in Aust. These few days of shopping are so draining on me, mentally, physically and emotionally. I am sure many would agree with me, esp those going MMN. What actually drives a radical human being into doing something so UFO? The sheer vanity and need to look the best on such a special night I guess, or the KIASU-ness to show-off or better than your peers? By the way, UFO means UNEXPLAINED FOOLISH OPERATIONs-protocol. The shopping lasted forever, the hours became longer and a good night's sleep became more wanting.

Sat - Woke up late, watch a series of cooking shows, which were very nice - shall be my regular activity from now on. And then dressed up and went MMN. We (me, zhuzhu, CHar and By the ron ron) got there early and helped the committee a bit before heading up to the 35th floor of Sofitel for some drinks. The view from up there was manificent, captivating and absolutely splendid, I would definitely return. We went to the atrium and ordered our drinks. Zhuzhu ordered something called the MAx Brenner chocolate, wow, it was an amazing hot choc. It comprised shaved Max B choc, a small jug of special milk (special cause its frothy at the end), a metal spoon that is also a straw and a tiny metal cup within a type of burner holder similar to those people used to burn fragrant oil, with candle below. The procedure for making the drink is to fill half the tiny cup with milk, then add as much shaved choc as one likes, and allow the tealight candle to heat up and melt the choc and then add more milk before savoring it from the metal spoon/straw. The procedure was like chasing the dragon (taking opium), really addictive, I got high on hot choc. I must have had about 4 cups of the thing (one can repeatedly make about 5 cups with the milk and choc). After that, we (me, CHar, By the ron ron; zhuzhu had left early to help with the usher at the entrance to MMN dinner) went down for the dinner. Everyone looked ravishing. The food was reasonably good, but the entertainment was mediocre. Restecpa to CK for having the guts to perform, restecpa to Edmund for a performance deserving of a spot in Australian Idol. The Hungarians dancing Hungarian dances made a non-Hungarian (me) hungry. The event seemed to represent a tribute to CH; the dinner ended with more photo-taking. The whole lot headed to NEXt BLock for the after party. We couldn't get in because there was a blockhead bouncer blocking the entrance to Next Block. He said By the ron ron and me could not understand English, that made me frustrated, made me wanna stand there and give a multi-farts combo for his pleasure - unfortunately, nothing came ... sigh! We went for drinks at Grecco and then went back to Next Block. Everyone had their dances and fun. Restecpa to HIro for being able to dance and enjoy in her kimono or whatever u call that thing she was wearing. I drove zhuzhu, hum yu, CHar and Sze Min home in the morning. CHar pulled a 'I am hungry' on me after I had asked if anyone was hungry before we left Crown. Consequently, I made a u-turn and another u-turn for Maccas. One U-turn cause CHar wanted food and I needed to detour, another cause I took the wrong way and gotta backtrack. We all slept on Sunday morning.

Sun - Afternoon, me and zhuzhu went spring a vale to return and rent VCDs. We bought some raw supplies for a cook-out. I called by the ron ron, hum yu CHar and CH over for dinner cook-out. We had fish and chips, calamaris and sweet potato chips, mushroom soup and chicken caesar salad. Yummy! Food really brings people together ...

Mon - settle personal stuff.
11pm - write Blog, got call from Oaky to enlist my professional help to give a treatment to Ryan, cos its his b'day.
Midnight - go to Ryan's house for the gathering.
1 am - Give Ryan a surprise aka scare .... ahahhahhaahah...then I tried to relax him a bit and gave him a 'tie'. And then everyone performs modern accupuncture with pegs on Ryan. Hmmm.... he certainly felt "SHIOK".
2 am - cut and eat cake plus phototaking. CH and I felt kind and decided to whip up a gourmet for Ryan. Gourmet = ham and mustard chips, mayo, ketchup, chinese pickles (dong cai) and pepper .... hmmm... yumuacks.
3am - at by the ron ron house to look at photos, play computer mahjong and wait for CHar to dig the dirt.
4.30am - home to finish this masterpiece.
6 am - felt my shit gone to sleep and I am still awake, gotta write the top tens etc...

2. Fair or Unfair

I hate to have a haircut in Aust cause everytime the hairdressers don't get what I want. Back home, you step in and the hairdresser will settle nicely for you. Here, he/she asks you to the core technical terms of what you want and still don't get it in the end. Whatmore, a haircut is so expensive, thats why I prefer to get zhuzhu to gimme a shave.

When I had my cut at Chaddy, I had a misunderstanding with the hairdresser (an ah pei male) and I got a shorter than I wanted haircut. According to present witness - zhuzhu, the ah pei thought he so cool, look look here, look look there, look look everywhere when he was cutting my hair. In the end, after the supposed hairdresser had finished, my right was longer than my left and I had to tell him to make the right proportionate to the left. Indeed, he trimmed another inch off my rights to accomplish the balance. Bad mood after that, didn't wanna go MMN .. %#!&#$&@$^%@*#.

3. Top Ten List

Why MMN was better this year:

10. The guys were handsome and the gals were stunningly beautiful.
09. One got to see by the ron ron complained about CK's singing, thats great entertainment.
08. You may never see a better tribute to CH ... sob sob...
07. The venue - Sofitel and the food were reasonably good, value for money (only $50). No comments about the entertainment.
06. You get to see jumping Hungarians.
05. Met some dear old friends
04. You can play spot someone as thin as Sze Min (this do not apply to that someone)
03. Thank goodness I was not the fattest ( this do not apply to the fattest person present)
02. Lots of photos to remember by down the years.
01. Dr Bryan was present at the event again.

Dr Bryan: " Thx to all for the hard work put in for the planning of such an event and promoting such a good cause as multicuturalism. A special tribute to JASON ... sob sob .....".

After-party Kings and Queens and their dances:

10. CH and his shake the bon bons dance
09. Kee Hong and his I am not yet drunk dance
08. CHar and her I am drunk dance
07. Oaky and her erotic dance
06. By the ron ron and his I am the terminator dance
05. Tone and his I need a hug and some touches dance
04. Hum yu and Giap How for their lovey dovey dance
03. Everlyn and Lai for their passionate kissing dance
02. Sze Min and her bamboo dance
01. Dr Bryan and his I am an idiot dance.

Why the number one spots mostly have mention of Dr Bryan:

10. He's self- obssessed.
09. Can't find anything to write for the spot.
08. I am the man.
07. I am the man man.
06. I am still the man.
05. No man is an island, I am the man.
04. No shams, I am the man.
03. Ten out of ten I am the man.
02. Your hand, my hand, I am the man.
01. Dr Bryan is the man.

Ok, now all the top ten spots' are about me ... happy?

Most wanted to ask sensitive questions among the chic:

10. Will Dr Bryan get beat up for writing this top ten?
09. Who can't stand Fa Cai Mao?
08. Does Tze Min really think she's fat?
07. What happened to vonne vonne's hair-do on MMN?
06. How many people does CH actually look like?
05. Whats with CH and Cheryl?
04. Whats with CH and CHar?
03. Was CH ever interested in Hum yu?
02. Was By the ron ron interested in Hum yu?
01. Whats with Giap HOw and Hum yu?

Tune in next week for more exciting questions or maybe ANSWERS.

4. Big Cuttlefish

7am - tired, promise to start proper soon. I am working on a touching and meaningful story.

5. Words of Wisdom

Life is not about the beginning nor the end;

If you feel the path of life is narrow;
Do not give up or feel the sorrow;
For there is always a tomorrow;

Each chapter of your life is a battle;
A battle to make one stronger and better;
Winning and losing does not matter;

Hear the battlecry in your heart roaring;
Feel the victory drums re-sounding;
Conquer the territories be-folding;

Life is a process, grasped by GOD's and your hand.

Over the years, sometimes I felt lost. Lost because I could not see satisfactory results in my life. But often, it was the difficult times that tested my character the most, it was then when I developed the most. Indeed I had to tell myself 'no pain, no gain', to push myself to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I would not admit defeat before going into a battle, that would mean missing out on all the possible opportunities. No matter how much I feared a certain task, I would still aim towards a goal. I would not admit defeat even if I lost a battle, to do so would be to end a war prematurely. To lose is not to fail, to admit defeat is failing. I aim to win the war of life. To me, life is a process, winning or losing does not matter, its how much I learnt in the process thats really important. Of course, I still need to aim to win, and to do it with my most heartfelt desire. Contradictory? No, 'Life's like that'. I once saw on a double decker bus a sign that said: " The End of Education is Character', I wonder how many people in the world have completed their life's education!

Wednesday, August 20, 2003

Chapter 3

1. My Story, Your Song

It feels like I was just writing my blog a moment ago and now a day had gone by; I am sitting here thinking of what to write for today. I awoke at about noon with all the i-ness (giddiness, drownsiness etc). I went out for a game of basketball late noon. The game was not what it used to be, I felt that age is catching up on me, I am not as agile as when I was in my late teens. When I was younger, I always thought I can keep all the 'youth characteristics' when I got older, unlike many of my older cousins and friends - how wrong could I be?

Evening time, CH and CHar brought some raw provisions over to my house for a cook-out. There are some chicken chops, butterfish, broccoli and oysters. So the dinner menu reads butterfish with mushrooms sauce, stir-fry broccoli with oyster sauce, fried chicken (in crumbs and prawn seasoning) and fresh oysters. We cooked and had our meal, hmmm, good I have to say. Sorry hum yu, you miss out on it but it helps to keep your fat in check, unless you went gorging yourself with dunno wat. This is in fact the first time that the 4 of us do a cook-out and a year since CH joined me and zhuzhu for one. I had to admit feeling a bit nostalgic. Oh yah, CH bought 2 dozens oysters, he sure can eat a lot of them. Me? I had a handful and am still burping 'oysters', thank goodness I didn't had more, if not, 'they' will be oozing out my nose now.

Throughout dinner, we watch a cantonese movie from the late 80s/ early 90s. The past 2 weeks, I had been watching a lot of films of that era. It reminds me of changes, changes in the content of movies, in ideas, in fashion, in complexity or shall I say simplicity, and the world in general. If I can travel through time, I don't mind going back to my teens, life was much simplier and happiness more 'pure', more genuine. I wonder who out there is feeling the nostalgia too.

2. Fair or Unfair

Cindy Smart is the new doll that can talk, see and calculate. It is breaking into the toy market and hype to outsell barbie. It is said to be able to help young kids learn. Since I am feeling nostalgic today, my thoughts were these:

Do kids really need to start learning that young? Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton were both late developers. What happened to the good old days where kids just play with one another somewhere out there? Hide and seek, hop-scotch. Young children nowadays are being forced to live the expectations of adults. Studies have shown that kids learn about sex at younger and younger age, money rates to be more important than family values etc.

My point is, can't toymakers bring back good old toys like Transformers instead of manufacturing craps like Cindy Smart? If Cindy is smart, then stupid is smart too ah. I want Transformers ... more than meets the eye.

3. Top Ten List

Why ABC cafe is the place to be:

10. The food is nice
09. THE SERVING IS small, so keeps one from overeating.
08. Money better spent then buying Cindy Smart
07. No Beng Seng Lian Huey
06. Makes one feel young
05. Free pepper tea
04. Illiterates can also pronouce the name of the cafe
03. Sony car audios up on the ceiling
02. Can stare at the person cooking your food, you get what you see
01. You may meet by the ron ron and he will say ' Bubble tea'?

4. Big Cuttlefish

The year is 2222 B.D. ( B.D. comes after A.D.), long long after internet becomes outanet. Long after Harry Potter was the headmaster of Hogwarts and Ron Wesley was the Defence of Dark Arts teacher. Since Hermoine went off to married Malfoy and migrated to China, Harry was left with Ron and they both started a gay relationship. They can't have any children of their own, so they adopted a boy. They named him Mimi Oe Potter (MOP). MOP was later to become the King of England. After AD 2200, King Mimi changed the year to read BD 2201 etc. The rest of the world adopted the idea cause they couldn't stand the constant persuasion and whining of Mimi. Now that I have got the era sorted out, I can begin my story:

To be continued ...

5. Words Of Wisdom

The sands of time slips by my hand;
I know that time waits for no man;
For all is bound by the dimension of time;
It stops not for business of yours and mine;
As the seconds and minutes passed away;
I know I have to treasure each and every day.

Learn to make full use of time, to live each day as if its your last, to treasure each moment you have with your family and friends, for once it slips by, history is history.

Tuesday, August 19, 2003

Chapter 2

1. My Story, Your Song

To me, sleep is a very complicated 'thing'; some folks told me that when I am tired, I will sleep better, more soundly; when one is stress, sleep helps to reduce the anxiety factor. On the contrary, I always sleep more when I am stress making me more stressed out for wasting the time sleeping; less when there's nothing much to be done, catch insomnia when I am dead beat but never better or more soundly. Last night was no difference, I had a couple of weird nightmares, 'semi-conscious' till morn and waking with a tornado head. I was overly concern about the cleanliness of my house. I dreaded the idea of having to do cleaning or practically anything. I just wanna chill out, laze around in the sun and wait for yummy roast pigs to fall from the sky. Despite the spinning start, I got out of bed, without brushing my teeth, dragged what the to the laundry and shower him.

And then, I gave what the a haircut, shave him bare at the body, left the ears and tail as it is and a trim of the limbs.
And then, I took him for a walk.
And then, I shower him again.
And then, I sat with him on my lap and watch TV for an hour.
And then, ZhuZhu bought a bacon deluxe meal from Hungry Jacks for me. (I ate it of course, if you have to read this part to know, you're probably stupid.)
And then, straight after the bacon deluxe, I and zhuzhu and humyu and by the ron ron went to ABC cafe for fried hokkien mee, fried chicken, seafood rolls, beehoon goreng.
And then, straight after, we went Mocha Jos for tiramisu and hot chocs. (Char, you miss out on the tiramisu again - hahahahhahahah)
And then, I came home to type this.

Hum yu said she wrote serious stuff in her blog, I would like to ... BUT ... my days are as boring as the uncle who sits outside the toilets and collect 10 cents from anyone who uses the toilets. How interesting can the uncle get? That is probably why I added more craps to my blog, its in my personality too I guess.

Besides being good-looking and fat recently, I am also observant. I realised that by the ron ron complained that the risottos he had at Airstream Cafe and Studio Cafe were too small. He Cow Papa that the risottos were 'not filling enough'. However, I noticed that he liked the food in ABC Cafe a lot, with a deep sense of admiration and total worship and appreciation... BUT AREN'T THE SERVINGS JUST AS small ????? .... Ok, at least they are below ten bucks.

Earlier, after I had paid for the gorgeous yummy tiramisu that stupid char had missed (hahahhahaha), I sorta turned my head and one of my tiny beards got caught on my jumper's zipper, ouchhhh, that was the most painful; it still hurts now.

2. Fair or Unfair

Nothing as yet.

3. Top Ten List

Things gals think about the week before Dinner and Dance/ Ball/ Prom ... etc

10. what shall I wear
09. how shall I do my hair
08. what accessories shall I wear
07. Oh my Gosh, I look so fat in the dress
06. I need to go on diet
05. I still look fat
04. devastated
03. wanna go aerobics class this week
02. I think I still look better than her
01. how I wish I have the dream figure with the dream dress and diamond necklace, and have Dr Bryan as my date.

Things guys think about the week before ....

10. does saddam go to prom?
09. will I choke on a pretzel like Bush?
08. which tie goes with the shirt
07. whats on TV tonight
06. what shall I wear to the after party
05. is kimono gonna be funny in such a formal event
04. do I look sissy
03. I want some sleep
02. whom shall I invite for my date
01. hmmmm, lots of pretty gals

4. Big Cuttlefish

No mood, another day.

5. Words of Wisdom

Do not wait for the mood to do something, do it to get into the mood.

Monday, August 18, 2003

Dr Bryan - Words Of Wisdom

Chapter 1 - Introduction and Contents

I am Dr Bryan, all my peers, family and friends call me Dr Bryan. I graduated from the University of Hum-ing in Australia (which coincidentally was founded by my great grandfather) with a PHD in Philosophy in Wisdom. I am not fantastically good in my command of the English language but still am able to use bombastic words sporadically. I am young and handsome and give loads of advises to people around me. I don't beat around the bushy bushes, on the contrary, I am often very straightforward and may hurt some people with my powerful words, I apologise for that in advance. I am currently residing in a beautiful house in a suburb in Melbourne. I've got a dog, which I charily named 'What The', compliments to ROVE Live. Common names surrounding me include ZhuZhu, Ah Tao aka CH aka Hum Zai, Hum Chey aka stupid, By the ROn ROn aka Hum Chim Bang, Hum Yu aka Hum Yu ... etc. Reading the intro about me at this point may seem boring, but I guarantee that there will more interesting articles to come and once you get to know the main characters of my writings, your life will change or your wasted time will be returned within 30 days. The draft content of my writings are:

1. My Story, Your Song - articles about my daily events. Thx to Stef and Kuraki Mai for allowing me to use the title of one of their duets for the heading of my own inspiring story. Stef, next time I am in Singapore, kopi is on me. Since you're quite busy lately, pop me an email of when u're available.

2. Fair or Unfair - controversial stuff but mostly my complaints, which can be real or just some thoughts of mine.

3. Top Ten List - special thx to David Letterman for allowing me to steal the idea.

4. Big Cuttlefish - fictional stories, a feeble attempt of mine trying to better J. K. Rowling.

5. Words of Wisdom - meaningful stories, motivating lines, inspriring points to ponder, quotable quotes, which is the backbone of my writings, the very reason why I decided to write.

After some careful thinking, I knew I had to come up with something great in order to meet the expectations of my peers, family and friends. To me, life is like a huge pot of soup, all the relevant ingredients have to be in before it will taste good, I mean really good, good enough to soothe the soul. Likewise, this new Blog of mine will not only include my daily journals but many other things (you will soon see). The next time I am writing, I aim to provide a kind of 'regular content' ... so to my loyal fans out there ... ANTICIPATE.

Sunday, August 17, 2003

Today, I wake up, then brush my teeth, then see the sky, weather good, sunny.
Still thinking of what to write.

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